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Congratulations !

The winners of 2016 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition - “Communications Technology Changing the World” have been revealed:
Team Wenhan Dai from MIT, USA and Team Kazuya Anazawa from University of Aizu, Japan have both won the FIRST PRIZE (ex aequo).
Their winning projects are: 
Cooperative Networks for Ubiquitous Localization and Navigation
TEAM LEADER: Wenhan Dai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
RIM: Resilient Information Management System in Network-Isolated Environment after Disasters 
TEAM LEADER: Kazuya Anazawa, the University of Aizu, Japan 
The two top prize winners will receive US $2,000, and a Plaque. The two team leaders are also invited to receive the awards during the Awards Ceremony at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 conference in Washington, DC, USA (December 4-8). The Honorary Certificates will be sent to the teams or individual.
(not in particular order)
Massive MIMO for Future 5G Wireless Systems
Paul Harris, Steffen Malkowsky, University of Bristol, UK
LoRa Congo: low-power, long-range monitoring technology for development projects in Congo 
Gowri Sankar Ramachandran iMinds-DistriNet, KU Leuven, Belgium
Pervasive Brace Monitoring System for Patients with Scoliosis 
Mehdi Mohammadi , University of Michigan, USA
ASUCIC: an Air-Surface-Underwater Collaborative Information Collection System 
Yunfei Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China 
Engaging the User in Preserving Her Privacy On the Web 
Hassan Metwalley, Politenico di Torino , Italy
Vehicle Enabled Big Data Platform 
Yik Him Ho Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
GreenMeter: Energy Efficient Core Networks 
Leonard Nonde, University of Leeds, UK
This year, we received 36 valuable submissions. Projects submitted were evaluated by an international committee made of 45 experts nominated by the Competition Co-Chairs and by ComSoc Technical Committees, covering all areas of ComSoc scope (
The evaluation process was organized in two rounds. In the first round, the projects submitted were ranked by the committee by evaluating five different aspects, namely: social impact, technical content, originality, practical applicability and results, quality of presentation. In the second round, committee members voted for the best two among best 9 ranked in the first phase. Finally, the Committee Chairs Stefano Bregni and Nelson Fonseca made the final check among very best ones ranked out of second round and confirmed results.
Congratulations to all the winners for such great achievements! Thank you all for your participation and support to this event!
Stefano Bregni, Chair of the Student Competition Committee & VP Member and Global Activities
Nelson Fonseca, VP, Publications
Visit the 2016 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition website for details.  

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