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Course on Designing the Green Internet


Energy efficient design of access, backbone and the Cloud

A streaming video access only for 15 Days.  Last day to purchase registration to this course is 13 August 2017.

  • Is it true that the Internet consumes more than 3% of all energy in World?
  • Does a search on the Internet consume the same amount of energy as preparing a cup of coffee?
  • How can we allow the Internet to grow without depleting the World's energy resources?

This new on-demand course aims to provide answers to the above questions with emphasis on describing how to analyze energy consumption of networks, devices and servers while identifying the best strategies to reduce the overall environmental impact of the Internet.

Instructor: Fabrizio Granelli, an associate Professor and Delegate for Education at the Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) of the University of Trento (Italy).

Registration is now open for the Designing the Green Internet on-demand course at