SICT Summit 2019

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The 2019 IEEE Sustainability through ICT Summit (StICT), in its second edition, will be held on 18-19 June 2019 at the ETS campus in Montreal. Under the theme of “ICT - A Key Driver for Sustainability,” the Summit promotes a holistic approach on prospects for technologies, standards and policies for ICT-enabled sustainable development that also takes into consideration the sustainability of ICT resources. The summit is sponsored by the IEEE Sustainable ICT Initiative.

Professionals from different disciplines are invited to contribute to the open dialogue over the 2-day summit. The summit will provide an inter-discipline collaboration platform for ICT practitioners; users; technology providers; the standardization community; policy makers; and the research community to exchange views and share expertise through:

The World Cafe event on June 18th
Wednesday, June 19th will host Keynote speeches, a panel discussion on Data Center Sustainability (with representatives from large industries) and technical paper presentations from industry and academia will round out the day on June 19th.

The panel discussion will be focused on Data Center Sustainability. Here's a snapshot of the discussion -

Large data centers have become integral to the Internet and are continuing rapid growth by serving a wide range of cloud based applications, most recently fueled by machine learning and big data analytics. The move to hyperscale architectures and a multi-generation of data center design evolution have sustained recent growth to massive scale. Continued growth is contingent on sustainable energy, water, and resource utilization, which have to be considered along with new computing architectures such as disaggregation. 5G wireless and low latency applications are further changing data centers by stimulating the expansion of edge computing and new edge cloud architectures. This panel will examine these emerging trends in data center design and the importance of sustainable approaches. Challenges for the industry in going to larger scale and supporting distributed edge infrastructure will be discussed.

IEEE Sustainable ICT initiative White Paper “A Smart and Sustainable World through ICT” represents output from the first Summit and sets the stage for the World Café Event (18 June 2019) of this Summit. Please visit to access the white paper.

More details coming soon.