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"A Smart and Sustainable World through ICT" Whitepaper

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer both an opportunity and a challenge in today's world. The more widespread their use, the more productive and connected we become. Yet, if their energy consumption, the type of energy sources they use and their lifecycle management are not addressed, the digital cage could lead us to a dark and polluted future. On the other hand, with proper leadership on these issues ICT can at best be the tool at humanity’s disposal to reconcile economic growth with environmental stewardship and social benefits (i.e., ICT can be a key lever to achieve sustainability.) ICT must also be recognized as an important element in the fight against climate change as it can enable large reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions. To do so will mean overcoming technological, economic, and public policy hurdles. This is the raison d’être for the IEEE Sustainable ICT Initiative and the focus of its first global event, the Greening through ICT Summit with the theme, "Sustainability in a Connected World."

"A Smart and Sustainable World through ICT" Whitepaper summarizes the outcomes of the Summit, its recommendations, and the discussions that took place in the technical, economic, social, and policy spheres.

The white paper forms the basis for the 2nd Sustainable ICT Summit, which will be held in June 2019. For more information, please visit: for more information.

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