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18-19 June 2019, in Montreal, Canada

In an increasingly connected world, where Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is transforming all spheres of human activity, both opportunities and challenges for sustainability are arising from the widespread use of ICT. ICT can be leveraged for sustainability’s triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social benefits by facilitating green business models and societal functions. However greening ICT through energy efficient operation and resource management as well as the use of renewable energy sources and proper life cycle management is indispensable to unleash the full potential of greening through ICT and more generally of ICT as a driving force of sustainability.

The 2019 IEEE Sustainability through ICT Summit (StICT), in its second edition, will be held on 18-19 June 2019 at the ETS campus in Montreal. Under the theme of “ICT - A Key Driver for Sustainability,” the Summit promotes a holistic approach on prospects for technologies, standards and policies for ICT-enabled sustainable development that also takes into consideration the sustainability of ICT resources. The summit is sponsored by the IEEE Sustainable ICT Initiative.

Professionals from different disciplines are invited to contribute to the open dialogue over the 2-day summit. The summit will provide an inter-discipline collaboration platform for ICT practitioners; users; technology providers; the standardization community; policy makers; and the research community to exchange views and share expertise through:

  • A World Cafe event on June 18th where attendees from industry, academia, technical, policy, management and social sciences backgrounds will discuss, in an interactive setting, challenges and solutions to achieve sustainability "in" and "through" ICT. The white paper, which was the result of the October 2017 Greening through ICT Summit in Paris, France, will form the basis for the World Cafe event. A subsequent white paper is planned to be produced as a result of these discussions.


Tuesday October 3rd, 2017, in Paris, France

Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel

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The Greening through ICT Summit (GtICT) examines opportunities both where information and communications technology (ICT) is used as a tool to improve environmental and societal functions, and improving the energy efficiency, carbon footprint and life cycle management of ICT itself.  

ICTs are currently transforming all spheres of human activity and creating, in our 21st century societies, a paradigm shift similar or even greater in scope and impact to the industrial revolution. ICTs are a key driver of sustainable development, with the potential to reconcile socioeconomic benefits with positive environmental impacts. 
The Summit’s objective is to identify the combination of key technological, commercial and public policy challenges that must be overcome to achieve sustainability in our increasingly connected world.  As such, it seeks to build a broad dialogue among the research community, ICT practitioners and its vertical application sectors, equipment and technology providers, the ICT standardization community, and with public policy influencers and decision makers.     
Young Professionals are particularly invited to contribute to this open dialogue about Earth's future. The first IEEE Young Professional Green ICT Idea Competition will focus on contributing ideas on Greening ICT itself and Greening through ICT various application sectors of ICT. The ultimate goal being not only to create “Sustainable ICT” but also to enable transformative change across society through “Sustainability by ICT”. COMPETITION NOW CLOSED AS OF AUGUST 11TH, 2017.